Duke University Nurse Residency


I am graduating nursing school in May of 2015 (BSN)! I am interested in Duke University's nurse residency program, but did not find out much information from their website. Anyone know any details or what I should be doing? Thanks!


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Yes that's exactly what I was talking about :) So the best thing to do is to be looking out on the HR website next month? Do you know if they hire new grads into the ICU?


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They seem to post new grad position at the end of most months. They do hire new grads in the ICU. A Duke HR spoke with my class and said for new grad positions they use a point systems to determine who they interview. You fill out the survey to help them to determine what points to award.

I don't know about the ICUs but many of the other units will have an 8 week orientation.

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All I really know about Duke is their pay is shockingly low for the area. I got offered more than $2.00/hr less at Duke than anywhere else and Duke is the only place I would have had to pay for parking (ridiculous!). That's all I really need to know.


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How much is the new grad nurse salary there?