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Duke CRNA 2012

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Anyone on here apply to Duke CRNA for spring 2012?

So I guess now we wait until mid July? :/

Been watching the boards for a while. My first time posting! anyway, I did get a call and e-mail to interview at Duke in july! anybody interviewed there before? any hints about the type of questions at Duke would be appreciated. I wish you guys the best and hope you hear something soon too..

Has anyone else heard anything? I didn't think anything would be sent out until about mid June. At least that is what the grad admissions office had told me.

interviewing in july! woot woot!

Got an email to interview in July as well! :yeah:

Good luck to everyone! :)

They are waiting on 8 applicants to confirm their participation in July... confirmation e-mails suppose to be sent out today..yep!

Hey there, I interviewed there last summer. As far as the questions goes, just be yourself. If u wanna prepare for it, just prepare your ICU experience. like if u are a cardiac RN, then know the concepts. :) good luck!! let me know if u guys have any questions

I have a confirmation of an interview date with attached hotel accommodations, but have yet to receive any specifics regarding where specifically to show up, etc. Have any of you received any other info for the July 2011 interviews besides the interview date confirmation? I emailed the administrative secretary but haven't heard back. Just curious as I am coming from out of town and am trying to get organized.


hmm. I dont think I have either. I do know its an all day event with a short interview somewhere in there.

Does anyone know what is required if accepted into the program following the interview? Is there a deadline to accepting your spot in the program? Any fee associated with accepting? I am applying to other programs as well and was wondering if I will be able to have time to consider options.