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Duke ABSN - Spring 2013!

by nickioness nickioness (New) New

Alright! Since there are threads for the other entry times and we're coming up on almost 1 month until the May 1st deadline for the Spring 2013 start, who else is applying?

I have a BA Degree in German from ECU, but my work background is in the Hospitality Industry. I'm interested in getting the BSN, so I can eventually become a Certified Diabetes Educator. While it sounds like a crazy mix, I've also been Type 1 Diabetic since 1997, so it's not totally random. I really like helping people and building relationships in order to help them more, but I'd like to do more than slice their organic deli meat. :)

So what about the rest of you?


I just submitted my application for Duke Spring 2013 ABSN! I am still short one recommendation, but have two hopefuls out there who God-willing will fill out the form for me by next Tuesday!

I graduated with a BA in Economics in 2010 and spent a year in Brazil doing social work afterwards. Nursing has been a passion of mine for awhile, I have done some volunteering and interning in hospitals and after being exposed to the poverty of rural Brazil it really opened my eyes to the necessity of compassionate nurses.

Anyways, the journey starts next week after all the applications are in. Best of luck to you.

Hey good luck to you both! I am still a year away. Ill be applying for next spring :)

Concerned about the cost and the driving though.

I'll have about an hour and a half to school lol Crazy thought.

I'll be watching this thread to see how you guys do!!


Found out this morning that my last recommendation went through! Now the waiting begins.

"homeschoolmom3" An hour and a half is quite the drive. I will be moving from Washington State if I get accepted, but am ready for a change of scenery.

Nickioness, Ich habe zwei Jahre in Deutschland gewohnt und spreche auch fließend Deutsch. :-) Ich finde es wirklich ganz toll dass du deutsch an der Uni studiert hast. Bist du auch schonmal dorthin gereist?

JonRon: Yeah I know it is! But, I have a family and I cant just up and move all them for school!! Plus hubby's job! I talked to M and she told me there are a few students who do drive a good distance and it is possible just not fun lol Right now though that is the least of my concerns. I still have a little bit to go.

How do you think you will fare? I am looking at my pre req grades and my GPA and wondering how I compare to everyone else. Ive been a lurker here for a long time and it seems that sometimes its not the grades. Sometimes it can be the interviews too!!

Hello, everyone! I finished my application a couple of weeks ago, so the waiting game started pretty early for me (which is never fun). I'm finishing up my last pre-req this semester, and will be graduating with a B.S. in Biology in a few weeks! I'm very excited to apply and finally pursue Nursing. I have definitely been lurking the ABSN posts from previews years just to get an idea how this whole process is going to be. Haha. Good luck to everyone throughout this whole process!

Hello All!

I also applied to Duke ABSN for the Spring start date. I was reading through older threads and came upon this one, so glad to see a thread for Spring 2013! :)

Does anyone know how long it takes for them to send out interview invites?

Thanks! And best of luck to us all :D

My plan it to apply the end of March 2013 or by May 1st 2013 for Spring 2014 start date. That's when I will be done with my BA. I will be done with my Pre-reqs this December (2012).

Any one of you worried about the cost? Do you mind sharing your thoughts on how your paying for it? I don't mean anything personal, but certain Banks or ideas?


Dancingfree, I was told by the admissions lady that they will send out interview invites in mid July. Which means, we still have quite the wait in front of us. :bugeyes:

homeschoolmom, yes I am also concerned about affording the tuition. I saw on previous posts that Wells Fargo seemed to be a popular bank for student loans. It seems that during Duke days the admissions team goes over several options for financing the ABSN program. It is definitely not impossible!

Has anyone heard anything for the Spring 2013 cycle? I am starting to go a little crazy! When I was at the info session in March, they said that Duke Days were on July 16, July 20, and then one in August... so i'm guessing if thats the case, decisions will be out far before mid-July. They said at that session by the end of May, but now with the admissions secretary saying something else, who knows!

Hey guys - I am starting the ABSN program in August, but I have a friend who applied to the Spring 2013 cycle. She emailed admissions and was also told that interview invites won't go out until mid-July which seems a little crazy since the deadline was May 1st! I know the deadline was June 1st last year and then they bumped it up to May this year, so the timing is a little wonky. Past cycles seem to have heard about interviews 3ish weeks after the deadline, so my friend was expecting to hear this month. A little silly to keep everybody waiting if they truly do have the Duke Days planned out already...

Hey, I thought Duke Days were June 22, July 16 and July 20 with final notifications going out in Mid-August. I talked to someone else and she heard that invites go out 3-4 weeks after the application deadline. If anyone hears anything please post!! If I don't get in great, but I'd like to know sooner rather than later.

Thats what I thought as well--- now i'm not really sure. There is not much turn around time for us flying in from outside the state! I agree, if I do not get in that is ok but I would definitely like to know now!

Has anyone heard about invitations to Duke days yet? I haven't and thought we would hear something this week.

Hey everyone, I couldn't stand the waiting anymore, emailed Duke SoN admissions and they told me this morning that the selection committee won't get the applications to review until Friday so it will be 1-2 weeks before anyone is contacted, depends on how quickly they make decisions. So, the waiting continues. blech!

Thanks for sharing the info. I wonder if they are going to change the dates for Duke Days - at least for the June 22nd day - that's only 2 weeks from tomorrow.

Anyone applying to UNC for Spring 2013? I just saw that the application is now available.

It sounds like the July 17th and July 20th days are still set... but im not sure what they would do about the 22nd of June? I can't imagine them giving people a week to get out there, but maybe? At least we know they are getting the applications on Friday... fingers crossed for everyone. I am so nervous!