3 DUI's, currently in DUI court rehabilitation, YES I contacted the BoN, need Insight


Despite the sticky that there are no answers the the criminal history questions, I am still going to ask. The BoN will not tell me ANYTHING about my ability to become a nurse with 3 DUI's...yes I have read this: http://sos.georgia.gov/plb/rn/faqs_legal.pdf (which should be included in the sticky BTW) and the information is still FAR too vague and abstract. What I am looking for, hopefully, is some case examples to draw insight from.

I have contacted all the administrators at Georgia Perimeter College where I would be entering the nursing program...They say even though I could be admitted into the program, it would be up to the hospitals to allow me to do clinicals there.

When I contacted Northside hospital, the gentleman there said that "he didn't handle these things" (despite the fact he was in charge of the internship program) and that it was up to the college.

Common sense says it is up to the individual hospital while I am in school, then the BoN once I am up for licensure. The problem is I can't get a straight answer out of any of the hospitals I have tried to contact via phone or email, and the BoN has that PDF document I referenced above, and nothing else.

My last DUI arrest was in December 2006, I had my first in 2003, then got back to back DUI's, in September and December of 2006. I entered a year long treatment program on September 30th, 2007, which will conclude on September 30th, 2008. This is a very comprehensive program that includes EtG testing, 2 groups a week, 2 AA meetings a week, etc.

SOMEONE please help me. I have already finished almost all my prerequisites, have taken the NET, and was going to enter the nursing program in fall of 2008. I want to be a nurse, but I feel like just figuring out WHICH hoops I can be allowed to jump through is even more difficult than my anatomy classes. I understand that not everyone is in the situation I am in, but put yourself in my shoes for just a second and imagine my confusion when everyone wants to give me the run around...I would appreciate ANY help anyone can give me...

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You actually need to call the BON, not just read the website. They are the only ones who can give you information.


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Have you called the head person at the BON and talked to them?

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