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Dtcc Terry Campus


Anyone else waiting to hear if they got into the Jan 2015 PN program??

Yes! I sent the application weeks ago, I'm going to call to see around when they are mailing letter out...

Great! I called yesterday and was told around the end of September into October. Good luck to you. Hopefully we get a seat!!

Congratulations! I got in as well but I am a bit nervous because I am older. Midlife career change!

Thanks! Same to you. I work with a new nurse who is 65!! Age is not a huge factor as long as you have the will and determination to back you up :) You'll do fine!

Thank you! Wow, 65? Good for her for following her dreams. Do you find yourself obsessively checking the mail waiting for the information package?

Yes! That's definitely me. Lol! I'm totally obsessing.

Waiting for this letter is absolutely KILLING me! Do you know what the total cost for the LPN program is?

No, but I do know that orientation is 11/6 at 11 am 😄

What!? How did you hear about that? I just checked my dtcc email and I just have the original email stating that I ranked into the program. Where is the orientation?

I called earlier in this week and asked when it will be. I was soooo tired of checking the mailbox! It's in the Downes Lecture Hall.

Thank you. I ended up calling earlier today. She said the letters were mailed the beginning of this week.

I graduate the RN program in May - our class had 3 women over 50. I think the evening program usually has students that are older, have other degrees, etc