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if someone says patient tends to Dsat, what does that mean?


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Desat is an abbrevation for "desaturation" of oxygen. When measuring a patients oxygen saturation (O2 sat) its called "desatting" if the number goes low. For example patients sometimes desat with activity or due to certain medical conditons. Hope this helps

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Patients with very low respiratory reserve capacity tend to 'de-sat' very quickly. When you're faced with this situation, you have to adjust patient care activities accordingly. First of all, make sure that they have pulse ox, so you can 'see' what is going on -- some patients may tend to hyperventilate or seem to be SOB because they are very anxious but they aren't really having any physiologic changes.

Then, you have to space any activities that may cause the patient to exert themselves and become SOB. Give plenty of time for them to recover before doing anything else. Here's a neat trick... whenever you are doing anything with your patient, hold your own breath while you're doing it. It helps you remember to keep your interventions very short because you will be feeling the effects also - works very well if you are suctioning or dealing with any resp interventions.