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I am thinking about purchasing a drug handbook to take to clinicals and use for case studies in class. Does anyone know of a good one? I want one that is compact, yet complete. Has anyone tried a subscription to an online version? Thoughts.

Also, one of my professors doesn't recommend buying a drug handbook because of the ever changing drug information and that all the info can be found online. All I know is I haven't found a good (reliable, easy to use/access, free) website. Has anyone else had any luck with this?


Ooops! I spelled drug wrong in the title! :uhoh3:

One of our required books was the Pearson Drug Guide. But I have Davis Drug Guide on my Ipod and online access through Nursing Central and I think it is much better. If you are using online sources, be sure they are for professionals, not the general public. If you are purchasing, I would definitely get Davis and it might even come with online access.

Go to a major bookstore or the college bookstore and look through what they have available. By looking beforehand, you might get a better idea of what you would like. I continue to carry a book with me because I have not bought a PDA yet, so have no need for an online version. I like the Nursing (2011) version best.

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