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I'm an older adult going back to school, I just got accepted into the nursing program. They gave us summer work to do and I'm a little stuck and maybe someone can help me. We need to do drug cards and I thought maybe someone can help me with one and I can go with that. They gave us a list of 80 drugs and here's 1 of them. I would really like your help.

Here it is: Prozac


Generic name

trade name




side effects

adverse effects


nursing considerations

patient education


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Hello and welcome.

Drug cards are a standard nursing school assignment designed to help the student become familiar with common medications (and not-so-common ones) so that they have the information necessary for proper and safe administration readily available when they begin to pass meds to patients and plan patient care.

It is crucial that you do these cards yourself so that you understand and are able to recall this important information.

How about you prepare a card for Prozac and post it here for others to review and critique?


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First off Congrats you got in. Drug cards aren't as hard as you think. You will need a Drug Book such as Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses which I like very much. That pretty much as all the information you need. You can format the card anyway you like that makes it easiest for you to learn the information. I hope this helps.


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Its easier to read than the drug books. Also if you search the drug you are looking for, it usually brings you to the information for the patient but if you scroll all the way down to the bottom and click the drug name with the symbol "For Professionals" you can all the information you need for your drug cards.

Oh and use 5x8 index cards. Some of these drugs are really lengthy with their side effects and contraindications.

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all of the information that you need for a drug card is contained in a nursing drug reference book. there are a number of them that you can purchase. your nursing program should have recommended one for you to purchase or there should be several at your school library for nursing students to be able to use. i happen to prefer the nursing drug reference published yearly by mosby and every single one of the things you need for your drug card for prozac happens to be in there.

years ago when i was in nursing school i learned to keep the paper or foil backings to the individual containers that the pills came in. the reason was because some pills still came as brand names and/or were combination drugs that were difficult to find to make the drug card later. those little paper and foil backings would contain the generic names of the drugs on them.

in the meantime and until you get your own book, some of the information can be found at drugs.com website (http://www.drugs.com/).

this website has an online formatter that will print out a drug card for you once you input the information. the trick is to keep infomation concise (short--as few words as possible):

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