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i am a nurse with substance abuse problems. am looking help and any info anyone can provide. thank you

Hi Nurse, If you haven't already, go to http://www.recovery-works.com/nir/

This is the web site for Nurses In Recovery and it is a very powerful site indeed for all of us, whether or not we've experienced addiction. You are not alone, but recovering nurses are not highly visible. Many state boards of nursing have an assistance program which will hold you accountable in recovery and that is one resource to think of. Also, just find some treatment. Go to an AA meeting or a Narcotics Anonynous meeting and find some treatment; they will know about treatment facilities. Call a local crisis line; they should be able to make a referral to some treatment centers.

Feel free to contact me via email; I am an RN that does substance abuse prevention in a school setting and I will give you any help I can, but practically speaking, you need to find some local resources.

Good luck. It was probably hard to write the words of your posting, but that reflects the strength that resides within you. Godspeed.

Good first step to recovery!! Good luck!!

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