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Has anyone heard of Drexel university? It's in Philedelphia and is associated with Hanemann University. I'm looking into an online masters program. If anyone has heard anything about the program please let me know.



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It is actually the other way around now- it used to be Hahnemann and now it is Drexel University- Drexel took over running the medical and allied health schools of MCP/Hahnemann which was Allegheny at one time (that is when it all went bad). Drexel UNiversity is a VERY respected enginering school and technology school. It is new to the health care arena because of the whole Allegheny mess (The Commonwealth of PA asked an established school to "take over" the universities and Tenet took ovre the hospitals). I graduated from Drexel with a BSN and my husband went there for what it is known for (enginering). I hope that helps.



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Thanks for the information.


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Hi how were the professors? I am attending an open house this weekend. I am trying to decide which school is better.

Thomas Jefferson

Drexel University



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Specializes in heart failure and prison.

My girlfriend went to that program and she said it is very excelerated and hard, but she did it.

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