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Drexel University Accelerated Nursing Program (ACE) Spring 2016.


Hi all :)

I just applied to the Drexel's accelerated nursing program for Spring 2016. I'm curious to see who else has, and can give me ease of mind!

I recently graduated from my university a semester early and now i've decided to pursue nursing. Drexel is my top choice. I graduated with an undergrad GPA of 3.43 and my major was exercise science.

For Drexel's prereqs, I'm missing Microbiology and Developmental Psychology, which I am registered to take this summer. For my other prereqs, I don't know my exact GPA, but I have all B's and above.

Just want to know what are my chances of getting in because I am very nervous. If there is anyone who got accepted into the previous terms, please share your GPA and opinion of my chances!


I applied and I'm waiting to hear back as well! I still need to finish up Chem 1, Microbiology and I'm going to CLEP developmental psych! From what I've heard, your chances are pretty high if you meet the GPA requirement and have a good deal of your prerequisites finished!

Thank you!! and good luck to you! hopefully we hear back soon :)

Have you applied anywhere else?

Eeveetee, BSN

Specializes in ICU. Has 5 years experience.

Getting nervous! I have seen others get responses but my page has been unchanged. I really hope we hear back this week.

Stats (lol):

Second application -- (not accepted for Fall 2015)

two prereqs left (Micro and Chem 1)

Temple Grad in Accounting; 3.75

4.0 in all prereqs so far

Hi, i'm applying to drexel for fall 2016 and am wondering if anyone sent in letter of rec even though the didnt require them? Does anyone have an idea of how many students they accept?

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people were accepted without sending them and with. It won't hurt your application!

Eeveetee, BSN

Specializes in ICU. Has 5 years experience.

I got accepted to spring 16 and I sent one. When I sent my fall 15 app in without the letter I didn't get in. Don't know if that means anything.

Anybody else still waiting to head back?! I applied late April and still haven't heard anything. They did put me on hold for my fall grades but received them three weeks ago