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Drexel PMHNP 2014


Hi all! Is anyone headed to Drexel's PMHNP program this fall? I am and sooooooo excited! Looking for classmates who will be embarking on this journey also, so that we may get a early discussion going to prepare for..... Well, EVERYTHING we can think off. Can't wait to hear from you all.


I will be starting the PMHNP this Fall 2014 as well. I am excited & nervous as well. Are you located in PA? I live in MD.

Hi Pantoinette4,

I live in NJ and I am still getting my schedule togather. I was accepted as a part time student and I'm not sure if I should take 2 or 3 classes. I work full time so I want to get a feel for the course load before I pick up a full time schedule. What do you think? Are you full time or part time?


I am going to be part time. I'm doing the Post MS Cert PMHNP. I did the online MSN Nurs Ed. with South University. My Adv. Path transferred & was approved. So, I don't have to take that course. I will be taking Adv. Pharm. (3 credits) & Professional Issues for NP (1credit) in the Fall and after that I am taking only 1 course at a time. I have to find my own Clinical sites in one of the compact states (VA or DE). I can copy & paste my plan of study if you want to take a look at it.


Specializes in Psychiatric. Has 7 years experience.

I applied to the program but got my RN license about 9 days too late to meet the deadline. Decided to do BSN instead (was going to do the Bachelor's in another discipline bridge) but may consider applying for Spring start. Please update and let us know how you like the program!

Will definitely keep you posted flpsych, Pantoinette4 you have a interesting educational background are you pursuing a career in Academia? My goal is to practice for a couple years first then teach at the University level. I also have adv pharm 1st semester.

NP_HOPEFUL, I initially wanted to pursue a career in Academia but after completing my Practicum last year I'm not sure. I think we will have the same courses together except for the one I already took. I'm excited but still so nervous! I'm glad we connected before starting. Are you taking the 3 courses together and then going down to one? I've seen postings saying it's doable but during clinical sessions they cut back on work hours.

Good luck guys, it sure is a very exciting feeling. I am currently in my final year at Drexel University (FPMHNP). It has been a great journey so far. I wish you all the best. Let me know if you guys have any questions. All the best. God bless.


Thank you for your encouraging words! Do you have any suggestions for additional pharm books that are good to have in our possession? Thank you in advance!

Books are always good any for sale? How have you been preparing for the licensing exam? How long have you been in the program? Does Drexel have a practice licensing exam simulation test? I received my BSN from Thomas Jefferson University and we had one at the end of every semester. Extremely helpful. Pantoinette4 I will be taking two classes this fall one in the winter and hopefully three in the spring.

I'm starting the program in Fall as well. A few courses transferred over so I don't have to take patho, pharm, research and a couple others. I will be taking 500, 544 and 664 in fall. 7 units total. Kinda nervous and rreally excited. Maybe we can form study groups and split up outlines. Do you guys want to exchange drexel email or personal emails?

Hello mimi1124. I'm all for forming study groups. I will be taking 664 along with Adv Pharm in the Fall. My other course transferred as well. I will PM you my personal email if that's ok.

Hi pantoinette4

I know 664 is just one unit but there may be some partner assignments so its always nice getting to know someone prior to class officially starting. My personal email is mimipurer@gmail.com. My pharm class transferred over so I'm feeling very relieved that I don't have to take that course again. Thanks for touching base with me. I think it will be a very exciting program. Talk to you soon!

GM mimi1124. Thank you for responding as well. I'll send you my contact info. Ttyl!

Hi all! So I'm taking 500, and 549 this fall but I'm all for study groups. I plan on using Drexel's facilities alot which might be difficult for most do to schedule and location. I will send both of you my email so we can connect. Great start I must say!

Hi NP Hopeful,

I'm so excited that we are all finally connecting with one another! Would definitely love to chat/email with you. My personal email is listed since I can't PM yet. We have some amazing people in this program. Looking forward to talking with you:)

Hi! I am an applicant to the PMHNP program at Drexel for Fall 2015. Those of you who were accepted or have attended... It seems like people have good things to say! Does anyone have a good idea of how competitive the program is in terms of admission. Did you have a lot of psych nursing experience before applying or not? Any knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks!

So with Drexel you have to locate your own clinical sites?