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do you wear nursing scrubs or a white coat when your working ?

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I only wear scrubs (solid color) for after-hours ER coverage.

I wear a white lab coat probably half the time otherwise.

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I wear business casual with a long blue pin-striped lab coat with my name and credentials on one side and my practice's logo on the other side. Love the lab coat because of the pockets.

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Depends on the specialty. Where I work, NP's in surgical specialties like myself wear hospital-issued white lab coats with logo and embroidered name and department over hospital-issued OR scrubs. NP's in medical specialties wear the same coat over business casual attire. I've seen some Neonatal NP's and CNM's wear colorful printed scrubs.


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Myself and all the NPs I've had as preceptors wear business casual and white lab coat, I am in the office setting.

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