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I have been reading w/interest the discussion. Absolutely, we are here for the patients. We are also the voice of our profession and a representative of our facility.

When your facility is long term care, pediatrics, etc. there are different priorities to patient needs [allaying fears, taking clinical feel out of environment etc]

When you work acute care, patients want to know you are professional, clinically competent, and concerned about them at all costs.

I need to play devil's advocate and suggest a patient does not care about your need to express your individuality, if you like kittens or flowers, if you look better in blue than teal.

We need to display a pride in being part of the healthcare team that is dedicated to giving the best care possible. If that means looking like a team unified to address patient problems, so be it! I would rather build team spirit and cooperation than stand on my soapbox alone.

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