Dreams can come true


:yes: "If you can dream it they will come" is a quote from an old movie I saw as a child.

I come from a very hard childhood and was raised by a family member who was abusive & I didn't get to live with my mom till I was almost 18.

I was always independent and worked so school was not a priority. After I became a CNA because I needed a job since I didn't want to work at albertsons--- I saw how nurses worked & I saw one driving a gorgeous infinity car. And I thought I can do the same. I always took care of myself and wanted to be the best. (Meaning, I didn't have a child as a teenager)

I remember saying in general- that after I become a nurse I was gonna get me a luxury car- and this one nurse said "you shouldn't become a nurse just because you want a luxury car".

now that I've been a nurse for 10 years, I am happy that the fruit of my labor has paid off.

I have gone to Europe for 20 days, I have a gorgeous house in a great area of the city (all A schools & high property values), and I have a gorgeous luxury car.

I am married with 2 babies-- one soon to be.

I worked long hard working hours for these blessings.

And now I am going to school again to accomplish the next step in my career. Right now I am not sure where or what I want with my career because they require BSN's for jobs so a masters degree I will need...

Sometimes it's hard and I wish I did something less stressful for work. But I do not regret being a nurse.


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The quote you are referring to is Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner. The quote is "If you build it, they will come." Build the baseball field and the baseball players and fans will come. The quote still applies to you. Put you mind to do something regardless of the obstacles in your way and follow it through to the end. Your rough journey was worth the benefits in the end.

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Congrats on your dream coming true! What's wonderful is everyone's dream is different! Dreams can still come true for everyone, even those who did become a mother as a teen. Maybe it will be a little harder, but they will have their child to share their success with. The important thing is that nursing gives one the path to live free of abuse or mistreatment. We can support ourselves and our family if we need to. We don't have to put up with a bad situation. It is one of the few jobs out there that pays a living wage and we know we make a difference. I too just wish it wasn't so stressful!