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Dream job...should I apply?


Hello everyone, I'm a BSN student in my last semester. I'm basically done with my degree, it's just not official until our graduation in May. My dream job at NYP was just posted today and I don't know whether I should apply or not. They don't require any experience, just a BSN (which I technically have), RN license in NY or willingness to obtain one, (which I technically will), and BCLS certification which I already have.

Is it worth it to apply? And by that I mean, will they realistically even consider me as a candidate if my application actually makes it past the computerized system? I don't want to get my hopes up when I only fit the required criteria under *technicalities*. Should I leave all job apps until after I take (& hopefully pass) the NCLEX? I've heard mixed thoughts on when to apply for jobs. This is my dream job but I don't want to apply if I won't even be considered..

KelRN215, BSN, RN

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I don't know about in NY but in Boston, if you wait until you've graduated/passed NCLEX to apply for new grad positions, you'll find that all the positions have been filled by new grads who applied before they graduated and received job offers contingent on passing NCLEX.

KelRN215, that's what I keep hearing too! But I've also heard no hospital in NYC will even look at you if you don't have your license...such conflicting info I keep getting!


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You have nothing to lose by applying now. You can apply as many times to as many jobs as you like. I had a job offer on my first choice unit before I even had my ATT, took the Nclex on the first available date and started working on the unit with the next orientation group 2-3 weeks after my exam. Apply. What's the worst that could happen?

OneSailor'sNurse, you are so right. Thank you for those words! I shall apply and see what happens!