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Dreadlocks and nits/lice


We have a student with dreadlocks and a month ago found live lice. Parents were able to treat his hair, now he has nits that are in his locks and his parents refuse to cut his dreads off. I've been reading online to apply rubbing alcohol and that will help but I still don't believe it will solve the problem because they are not consistent on treating it. I've been checking him often to make sure they haven't hatched. Any ideas on how to treat without cutting the locks off, if that's even possible?

SnowyJ, RN

Has 28 years experience.

Can they try Lice Freee? It works as a desicant for nits as well as lice.

Flare, ASN, BSN

Specializes in school nursing, ortho, trauma.

there's Sklice which is available with an rx -their big selling point is not nit combing. I hear it's expensive but the website has some discount link. But - depending on how long and how thick the dreads are it may take more than one tube.