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I am talking about the one who is always overwhelmed with what the rest of us deal with daily. Goes to the manager and often the upper levels too with concerns and complaints.

These attention getters usually dont get their work done and blame that on the daily crisis issues.

They also seem to complain about no one helping them out when they need it.

These are the same ones that no one really knows where they are when someone is looking for them, they seem to hide in patient rooms or are just nowhere.

Not team workers, no one can find them to work with them.

As a nurse I find this in nurses and aides. We have two right now that cry wolf to management often and I am not sure management is stupid enough to believe all of this. Maybe they think they have an insider at the moment but what they really have is an attention seeking misfit.

The nurse and the aid always seek help and are not organized in their work. Even when an organization plan is offered it is ignored and their own 'flitting' around disorganized day is followed again.

Trying to work together dosen't work with this kind as they need the solitarity to cry for no help.

I am not sure how to document the chats we have nor the disfunctional status as these persons seem to have management bluffed at the moment.

The rest of the staff is found to be "picking on them". And are told to just try to work together better.:confused: :uhoh3:

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My lordy you described that one nurse that i don't get along with to the letter.

Unfortunately her 'panics' about being overwhelmed have reached the limit. The nurse manager has helped her for a year trying to get more comfortable but she's just as bad as 2 years ago. Freaks out if she gets 5 patients instead of her max of 4. And it's not fair for the others to have 7 semi-serious cases just to accomodate her. So she'll either have to fix-up or get out.


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I believe the terminology is stress puppy;we have several. Useless as teats on a boar.

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