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Douglas college January 2017

by Beexo Beexo Member

Hii, just wanted to start this and see who else got in to the Douglas Jan 2017 intake!

I got accepted for Jan 2017 as well!

Is that where you have accepted and will be going!?

Hi guys! I also got accepted for January and very excited! I also applied to Langara and waiting on a response from them :)

Just wondering, which semester did you guys finish your pre reqs for Douglas BSN program?

I finished last June. I applied for Langara as well but accepted at Douglas because it's a lot closer for me. I am also #1 on the waitlist for September at Douglas so I am really hoping I'll get in for that intake.

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Yes I am going to Douglas for that intake! I was going to apply to Langara and BCIT but I didn't want to retake my patho and micro! I finished my Academic Foundations certificate in Summer 2015!

Hi guys!! I got accepted for winter 2017 too!! I finished my pre reqs in summer 2015 and I applied for fall 2016 but got waitlisted. Good luck to everyone!!! :up:

I see on the website that it is "first come first serve basis" but some academic advisors are telling me sometimes it is by GPA. (mixed messages). How soon did you guys apply for the program after the registration open? Thanks in advance!

I applied the minute it opened. It is only done by gpa if you finished your pre reqs at the same time as someone else. I hope that helps! But apply as soon as it opens :)

Thanks for your reply Bee! how long after you applied for the program did you hear word back from them? I hope to be in your position sometime next year!

I applied the day it opened so I think January 2nd or 3rd and heard back February 19th :)


Just wondering how did you get on a wait list? Does Douglas keep a wait list of students who apply?

They do not have a waitlist that rolls over you must still apply each semester if not accepted. To be considered you must finish all ten courses in the academic foundations with a minimum c+ in all courses. I hope that helps! Best of luck!!

dillybar, did you apply for an intake yet? Did you get a rejection letter or a wait list letter?

Hey Beexo. Yes I have applied for three intakes. I didn't get a rejection letter but I got an email that indicated I didn't make it for the intake and to re-apply for September 2017. I finished my prereqs in fall 2015 and applied for winter 2016, fall 2016, and winter 2017... they filter out applicants and give preference to those who have finished their pre-reqs earliest. I noticed that those who got accepted for winter 2017 had finished their prereqs one semester prior to me.

dillybar, I imagine you have a very good chance at getting in for September 2017! I was so upset about the long wait but it gave me the opportunity to save money and travel! Have you considered other schools?

Thanks Beexo! Congratulations on finally being accepted! I have applied to other schools... I am currently wait listed at Langara, VCC, and I also applied to UFV and Kwantlen. I am really hoping to go to Douglas though and Langara is my second choice!

Thank you! I am so excited. I hope you get in!