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Douglas College - admission question

Hi everyone!

I will be finishing my last pre-req for the Douglas nursing program in august and plan on applying for the fall 2017 semester in oct 2016. I have a couple of questions for those that have gotten into the program:

1. On the website it says "first qualified first admitted basis", how soon after the registration opening did you apply for the program and how long after did you hear back that you got accepted?

2. How many times have you tried applying, and if it was more than once, did you do anything different the second time?

3. Did the website crash when you first tried applying for the program due to the number of people trying to submit an application?

4. Any tips for first time students applying for nursing programs? :D

Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to read this post and answering anything that you can!


Hey! I applied right when the application opened. The first time I tried the system crashed, so they set a new date and time for the next day. I have applied for 2 intakes since I finished my pre-reqs and was not accepted to either. So hoping that I will be accepted for the Fall 2017 intake. It is an annoying process so prepare for a back-up plan in advance if you don't want to play the waiting game!

Hey, so I finished back in fall 2015. The first qualified entry is for people who finish their pre reqs first. When I applied in January 2016 for Jan 2017 a lot of people from my semester received letters indicating that preference was given to July 2015 applicants. This October the preference will be moved to fall 2015, and anybody left from semesters previous.the website normally does crash but take a laptop to the campus and wait in line as well as a backup. The online registration opens at 830 and the office at 9.. I did this last semester to cover my base's. Atleast I could get my application in case the website wouldn't allow me. I also applied to langara and eve n open to the idea of going to the interior. Didn't believe that it would take close to a year and half to 2 years to get in.. but be prepared and apply to other schools. Good luck :)

Thank you for the info! I am applying for the Fall 2017 intake at Douglas too. The website seems unstable, but I just finished the pre-reqs in August, so is it worth coming down to Douglas to register if I won't get in yet?

Honestly I applied everytime.. I was able to get on the wait list for 2017 winter even though I stand no chance of getting in till Sept 2017. I say apply.. if in case your the top 50 the registrar will email you and put in your application for next semester. This is happening to me for fall 2017. Hope this helps!

Good to know, thank you!! :)

Just FYI, it's no longer first come first served. They've quietly added a line which says in the event students qualify for admission at the same time, the higher GPA on the pre-req's will get priority.

They have always had that rule :) if an applicant applied at the same exact moment the one with higher GPA gets in.. but also they have to have finished their pre reqs from the date the registrar set's. First come first serve is really not how it works. The seat is given to the students who have finished their pee reqs first. . Such as people who finished back in summer 2015 they got priority over people who finished in fall 2015.


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