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Doubting in first semester


is it normal for me to be doubting myself in the first semester, some people seem so confident in their abilities and i just feel doubtful in my abilities i hate to feel this way am i crazy or is this a normal reaction????

It's very normal! Nurses have a lot of responsibility, people's lives depend upon them. It is natural to worry that you may not be up to it, especially in the first semester.

If you have the opportunity to work as a nurse extern in a hospital, I would do so. It will allow you to become very comfortable in the hospital and you will gain confidence in your skills and abilities.

Also, as my mother always said, you are judging your insides against other people's outsides. They may appear outwardly confident, but they could also be worried on the inside.

Good luck!

Yes, it's normal. I"m in my 2nd semester and I doubt myself on some days. 1st semester for me was horrible, it was the worst 4 months of my life! It's so much better for me now, I love it. But...you would be surprised who doubts themselves. This semester I heard several people say they are always thinking "I could never do this..how can I ever be a nurse,"etc... and I would never have guessed these people would think that way only b/c they so obviously seem intelligent and are great with patients. Just stick with it, everything will start clicking for you next semester I bet.

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