Double Standards


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Has anyone noticed a strong double standard among male and female nurses? As a male nurse I feel that I have to be extra vigilant and careful of any actions around many female patients of many ages. I have seen a female nurse enter a room for a cath foley on a 35 y/o male and never think twice. I personally would never dream of even doing such a thing even with a chaperone.

I see these standards across the board with both patients and nurses. I have seen male nurses called dirty ole men and had have seen female nurse further instigate certain procedures with young/attractive male patients and nothing is ever said.

Why is that?


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Lets face it ppl are ignorant and sexism still exist as does racism. When we as a ppl are ready to accept that then and only then can we start to progress towards a change for the better but until then gud luck to u........I wish u the best. Here in Ohio most of the places I worked love love love male nurses. They are few and far between here.

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there are multiple threads that have hashed this out at great length, so perhaps you'll save yourself some trouble by checking them out. it's unfortunate and unfair, of course, and the sooner you can develop a mild, polite, consummately professional come-back, the sooner you'll be on your way to living with it.

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Shoot I know plenty of male/female doctors who ask for a chaperone. I don't know of ANY male/females nurses who do. There isn't enough of us to go around. There will always be a patient who complains about something. It doesn't matter if you are male, female, white, black, tall, short, fat, or thin.