what will you do 1 day & few hours before & during the big day? when your stress is building up as high as the tallest building in new york? your bp is hitting the ceiling? your hr is faster than a speed 10 in your thread mill? and you're going back and forth to the comfort room because of polyuria? :cry:

anybody who got ideas/tips 1 day before & few hours & during the nclex? let's help those test takers to face the big day with ease. please feel free to quote and add. this is my way of saying thank you to for helping me pass the nclex-rn "take 1". warning: these tips are proven effective (personally). some may not be applicable to you. select only those that's applicable to you, (sata). if symptoms persist, consult the highest doctor.


1. pray a lot....i mean really a in am, pm, prn, rtc...

2. think that you are ready and that you will pass.

3. take a few naps during the day before the exam.

4. take a good sleep the night before.

5. stroll or walk in the park or a few turns around the block...a light exercise is very hepful.

6. indulge yourself in a balance meal the whole day.

7. get some ice cream and a slice of cake, preferably chocolate. chocolates are good energy booster, you know that!

8. drink lots of detoxify your body.

9. watch a good movie or film, if you can. (i watched "get smart" on the plane going to hongkong for my nclex). do you think i get smart?

10. review light notes only...(i mean lab values, therapeutic values, pharmacology, mnemonics of infections...wait, does it still count as light notes??? yeah, for me.)

11. think of the reason/s why do you want to pass...

12. think that nobody went into the testing center 100% sure and certain that he/she is prepared.

13. take 1 question at a time.


1. think that you are not prepared. (please refer to #11 of dos)

2. answer anymore practice questions/ will add to your stress when you encounter seemingly complicated cases and will just make you feel unprepared.

3. bring any reviewer, even a single page to the test center (not that it's against the testing center policy, though many have a bundle of notes with them) but for the reason that it will add to your stress and anxieties. it is better to enter the testing center with a free mind.

4. focus on the number of questions you're receiving during the exam.

5. wait for the computer to shut off at 75 or 85 or whatever number. (i personally didn't know the exact number when the computer shut off..but i do know it's before 90.) being too conscious of this number is not helpful at all. as the ncsbn bulletin stated, prepare to test for 265 qs or 6 hours for rn & 205 qs or 5 hours for pn.

so far, those are my tips. more dos than don'ts because i want to be more positive. you can do it!!! good luck to all!!!

may the good lord be with he himself said many times in the bible, "be not afraid".


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