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So I posted in the pre-nursing forum, I got in for Fall 2010 early admission! Pensacola Christiand College. Its nine hours aways from where I live, so I am going to stay in dorms. Today I went to Target and the dollar store. A target I got a sheet set (for a XL twin) for $4.98!! That was an amazingdeal! I already have a dish set for 4 but I needed silverware. At the dollar store I bought 16 piece silverware set (for 4 people) and a container to put it in for $3.78!! Then at Bealls (a southern store) I got this thing to cook soup in the microwave for $2.98! I got so many awesome deals!

So who here stays in a dorm? What did you bring from home, or wish you did? I go to a state college for my pre-reqs and there is dorms but I don't know anyone who lives there. I am so excited! And I know its early but its amazing!!!!

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I loved the dorms. We had a killer time and were always up to something. Heck we had to cops called the second night because we were chair bowling and were making too much noise. We were rocking a pretty good room too. We had the full surround sound, huge tv, 2 fridges all the amenities from home that you could need when stuck with someone you barely know. The one thing Im glad I did was make friends with as many people as I could because I moved there and knew no one.

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I'm no longer in a dorm, but I really enjoyed them when I was there. It's a great way to meet people, especially since you'll be away from home. Goodwill stores are great for finding furniture (ie, a futon) or dishes, although chances are, you won't need a whole lot for dishes. Have fun and congratulations.

dorms can be fun, i lived in them for 3 years but just be careful about your roommates. i had good experiences but i also had some reeeeeally bad ones. last year i lived with 6 other girls - one of them i got along with, another one didn't really talk to anyone and the other four are all BFF's who did nothing but party. thursday night through sunday morning. OBVIOUSLY not nursing was a dance major, one was supposedly pre-vet (how she is going to manage that, I don't know) with a dance minor, one was an art major and the other was an anthropology major. Our place was ALWAYS trashed because of them, dishes were always piled high in the sink, and plates of food, wrappers, beer bottles and cans left sitting out for days. We did not get along AT ALL. They were always loud and would scream at her boyfriend from the second floor window while he was standing out in the yard (I lived in a townhouse, but it's still considered a dorm because it is university-owned)...they would randomly bust out singing and screaming at 2am...They would come back from their drunken escapades at 3 or 4am screaming as if they are the only people there (not taking into account that me and 2 other girls were upstairs sleeping) was awful. I couldn't concentrate there and felt like I was always being driven out of there. *I* decided to "move" into my boyfriend's townhouse who lived a few down from me...I brought clothes over there and all of my nursing books lol. I basically moved out of my old townhouse. Technically this wasn't allowed because "extra people" in a townhouse (over the 5-person limit for the 5-person townhouse and over the 7-person limit for the 7-person one) was considered a "fire hazard" but our RA's knew that I had a lot of problems of them and never said anything to me about it (thank goodness!)

I don't live on campus anymore, I got an apartment with two other girls, both nursing majors. I love the living arrangement; my roommates are RESPECTFUL and understand how hectic nursing school can be. They don't go out and party like crazy. Oh, and my place is CLEAN.

Sorry, I'm not trying to scare you. Just be careful! Other than last year my previous 2 years of dorming on campus were both positive experiences.

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