Don't Know If This Is Good or Bad


I had a mom of a very frequent flyer inform me today that her Little Darling is "scared" of me now and will not come see me. I don't know if scared is the right word, but I could see upset, mad or something similar to those. But "scared"? I have gotten to where I do not send her home or call home for anything. I do not listen to her complaints ("I really feel bad", "I don't know why I feel this way", or "I just want to go home and sleep") especially when she tells me it has been going on for several days and grandmother sent her to school anyway, sans fever.

The good thing is Mom and Grandmother both understand where I am coming from. I think they like the fact that I will not just cave to LD just because she is winy and complains a lot.

Hopefully it will carry over to next year.

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Well, that did not last long. Little Darling asked her 2nd block teacher if she could come see the nurse. Teacher knew we wouldn't do anything and did not send her.:banghead:

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The original comment was probably meant as a compliment. But I hate it when a kid misrepresents the occurrences in the clinic to the parent, thereby causing the parent to make an egregious statement like "She's scared to come in the clinic."

No, she's not. She has just learned that you're CONSISTENT! No fever, go back to class.

I feel worse for the littles ,who have no idea what's going on with their bodies. In high school I see that while there are some kids who definitely tough things out longer than needed, we have a small group of 9th graders who are unable to be at any level of discomfort for any amount of time.

Hang in there!