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Don’t give up!

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by NicaRN NicaRN (New) New Nurse

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To anyone who needs to hear this...

I failed NCLEX twice (( no I’m not bragging and for those who are rude and judgmental....YES nursing is for me!)) I used Uworld only when studying for NCLEX. Studied 5hrs/day 5 days/week for a month. I did 75 question tests in tutor mood and wrote the rationals out in my own words that way I would better retain information. I started with scores in low 40’s and ended in mid 50’s and high 60s last two weeks. Two days before my NCLEX date I did an assessment and scored a 59% which gave me a high chance of passing, but I was in disbelief because I had been out of school for 2 years! [[See after my second failed attempt I gave up. Because the first time I tried fresh out of collage using Kaplan and failed it in 7 5 Qs the second attempt I read Sanders and answered the questions that come with the book failed in 265]] So I thought maybe I should push back my date and give it one more month of studying. This time I stuck to my test date and kept telling myself I was ready and go for it. So that’s exactly what I did, I went for it and I’m glad I did because I passed NCLEX in 80Qs. I received several SATA, I lost count at 25 because I was just so upset, I hate those and always end up leavening one option out or one option too many. To me NCLEX is notorious for making an option look like it’s 100% the answer but throwing in a little word that makes it wrong (if it makes sense) and that was exactly what they did. Reading Uworld rationals I learned to stir myself away from those I hope everyone success in NCLEX :):)

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