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Hi all! Hoping to get some opinions here. I work at a SNF as a CNA that is half long-term care and half rehabilitation. State is making its way around our area so of course administration is being extra nit-picky in preparation. They decided that morning call lights are taking too long to answer so they got rid of CNA report. Now, we are supposed to give our report to the nurses who will then call a morning huddle after breakfast and give report to the CNAs. Not only do I think this is a waste of time for the nurses, I think that CNA to CNA report is very important and it only takes 5 minutes. Maybe not so important on the long-term side but with the rehab patients I really like to know what happened in the shift prior and pass on to the morning shift what happened during the night. We are already having issues with neuro-check vitals not being done because the CNAs just don't know about them. There has also been occasions where I go to a patient's room and freak out because they are not there and no one told me they went out with family. I digress, anyway, I would like to know your opinion on the situation. I've been continuing to give a very concise report of the most pertinent information when I have worked a shift on the rehab side but was snapped at by another aide this morning for "ignoring the DONs orders". I never spend more than 2 minutes giving this report and I honestly believe it is important. Our patients aren't items to be checked off on a to-do list, they are people who are here to get good care while they focus on healing! I'm just very frustrated. Please share your opinions about CNA report. Maybe I am overreacting? There are just so many subtle little things about a patient's condition that can change day to day that are helpful to know before caring for said patient for the next 12 hours.

TLDR; DON got rid of CNA report to save time in the morning. I think that CNA report is important and while I do agree we need to be more concise, I don't agree with the decision to just get rid of it.

I agreee with you. CNA report seems to get abolished everywhere once in a while, but it always comes back. Nursing staff is simply too busy to give ADL report to the next shift of CNAs in a timely manner.

Wait it out for a few days ...a few weeks, max.

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Stupid. CNAs report different things to each other than nurses do, because their roles and responsibilities are different. And frankly, as the nurse I have enough on my plate without adding a game of telephone between myself and the CNAs. When I worked LTC I had great CNAs that I trusted to give and take good reports from each other so they could get their work done. I think this decision is actually pretty disrespectful of CNAs as it reflects an attitude that they don't have anything important enough to say to each other to take their report time seriously. Frankly, my CNAs kept me out of the fire most days, and any nurse including nurse leadership who doesn't understand how critical their CNAs are is a fool.

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While I agree with you, it's a good idea to do as directed by the DON.

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