Doing these tips helped me stay in my Nursing program


I thought nursing school was something you can just breeze by, but I was totally wrong after my first two test on pathophysiology. My program required a passing score of B-(80) in order for her nursing students to advance.

After failing my first two tests in pathophysiology, I decided I needed help. I met with my wonderful professor at that time and we sat down and looked through my test; we analyzed it together and develop a study plan(s)/ways which helped me scaled through nursing school.

First you have to know the type of learner you are and what works best for you. I realized I'm an auditory learner and taking notes in class distracts me the more, so what I did was to pay very close attention in class and since our lectures are recorded in our class by the school, I go back to each lecture after every class before the end of the day. I take my sweet time and make my own notes. I made sure to look up words I didn't know and also coming to professor(s) for clarification was really helpful.

Doing these drastically increased my scores and helped me stayed in the program till I was done. I study at least for 5-6hrs every week and every morning before going for lectures. I try not to cramp nor jam back my studies during exams. After all these, I prayed a lot as well.

I hope my little study tips will atleast help one person. Also, if you don't know it or don't understand it, ask question(s)! Don't ever pretend to know it.

I saw on another post that you have Mark Klimek audios and I was wondering if you would be able to send them to me


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For surviving pathophysiology, Dr. John Campbell's videos on youtube are awesome. Dr. John Campbell

- YouTube

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