Doing prerequisites in a hurry??

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I'm trying to get all of these prerequisites done and out of the way so I can apply to the nursing program at TCC and if accepted, I can start by spring semester 2016. Right now, I'm taking General Biology I and Principles of Psychology(retake). I'm have been thinking that if I want to hurry up and finish these prereqs already, I will need to take the courses I need at shorter terms. For example, next semester during spring, I plan to enroll in A&P I and Child Psychology for the first 8 weeks. Then A&P II and Ethics for the second 8 weeks. Finally by summer semester, I can take Microbiology and English 112. This sounds like a good plan to me but I'm still thinking about it until then. I just don't want to spend too much time on these prereqs anymore. Need some advice.

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ShanaeD, that's a very aggressive plan you have in mind. I'm not saying that it's impossible to do because it appears like you have a good plan (max 2 classes at a time) but it's going to be very taxing, mostly because it's going to "feel" like a much heavier load than the course unit amount would normally show.

The pace, however, should be a good primer for how nursing school will be. It'll be very fast and very intense for quite a while. Make sure that if the workload is greater than you anticipated or can handle while making the necessary grades, that you can drop a course and repeat it later. Don't be afraid of taking some time to reach your goal of entering nursing school. Getting done is good, but if you can't "make the grade" with the compressed courses, it really won't pay off later, especially if you get grades good enough to pass but not so bad that you can't repeat later for a better grade.

I did 8 weeks of Finite Math and Chem together. (B's in both) Then 8 weeks of Anatomy 1 and 8 weeks of Anatomy 2. (A's in both) Then rounded my summer out with an 8 week Advanced Physiology course (with a B)....

You can do it! Having accelerated courses prepared me for the extremely fast paced track of nursing school! :)

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I took 15-18 credit hours per semester and survived. It was hard work but worth it. Then, during my nursing school, I also took all my prereqs for my BSN bridge.

I agree with previous posters,you want to get the best grades possible the first time around. You can mix one science heavy course with a course that isn't science. Just make sure to study daily and read before your class schedule so you aren't falling behind. 8 weeks does go by pretty fast and for a science class that is quite fast. You would want to study everyday for sure. If you're able to enroll in the courses go for it.

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Good day, ShanaeD:

In addition to watching your GPA, the prerequisites forms a foundation for nursing school; they expect you to remember a lot of your prerequisites. If you rush to get done, how much will you remember?

Thank you.

I was thinking of doing a similar plan, because I've found that I do better in courses in an accelerated format. It helps me stay on track better, and I love the intensity. I took Chem over the summer 6 week and had a comfortable A. I'm currently enrolled in Psy, English, Speech, and Painting, and will be adding an 8 week A&P 1 at the end of October. Next semester I plan to do the same. If you have a good study program and are a fast learner that can retain info, go for it!