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Doing Preceptorship on MedSurg/Tele Floor


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Okay guys, please throw all your advice at me. I will be doing my preceptorship on the MedSutg/Tele floor starting next week. I need to know what to expect and how to relate to my preceptor. Should I pretend to be a blank slate? I want to have a good time with my preceptor. I am a people person and very easy to talk to. What should I review. I am very happy to reach the end of my journey. It has been a long and rocky road. Looking forward to hear from you :heartbeat.


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Congrats! Good luck with your preceptorship! I hope you have a good experience. I think once you meet your preceptor and figure out her/his communication style, you will know how to relate to that nurse. I think you should be genuine about what you know and what you don't, ask questions and don't be afraid to appear stupid. Communication is really important. The fact that you are a people person should make the transition so much easier. I would advise that you should not entirely rely on the preceptor for well-rounded orientation experience. Ask your hospital nurse educator to arrange a variety of experiences: to follow IV team, skin RN, respiratory therapist, etc. Hope this helps


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Maybe you can ask your preceptor what her/his expectations are and as mentioned before, ask how they want to communicate their expectations. Is it expected you will follow then be assigned a patient and be followed? So, do you "jump right in" or wait for prompting? You will quickly determine if your preceptor chose that role or, like my hospital is another staff member simply assigned. You will learn your cues from that determination. Be brave and insist you get what you need from this orientation. You will be fine.


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Thank you all. I will make a list of some of these ideas and go forth with confidence. Thanks again.


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When I interned and did my final preceptorship before graduating, I had brand new preceptors. They precepted by choice, but I was their first student. On my first day, we were out of the count so we could get to know each other a little bit, orient to the unit and get a handle on what each of our expectations were. You want to be respectful, but you need to make sure you're getting what YOU need out of this experience. I told each of my preceptors what things I knew that I didn't know or wasn't comfortable with. I also asked them to tell me right away if they saw me do something that wasn't correct. I'm not at all uncomfortable with someone jumping in and saying, "This might work better..." or "I think I can help you with that" even after being on the floor more almost two years. I'd rather learn as I go than find out after the fact that I could have/should have done something differently. So ask for help, accept correction, go in with the mindset that you have much to learn but you do have some level of knowledge and skill, and above all, practice safely. If you are ever in doubt, ask, ask, ask. Don't be afraid to tell a patient or your preceptor, "You know, I'm not comfortable with doing this. I think I need some help." And don't forget to enjoy your preceptorship. I wish you all the best!


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Thanks for the advice Mammiekay. Now, I feel better to start next week. Thank God I am at the end of the first phase of my journey.

I graduated this last december and im part of a float pool that floats to postpartum, medsurg, er,tele, icu,flex,cancer center and telemetry. Thats a ton of constant orientation but all of medicine evolves around constant education. You will honestly have to evaluate your educational expectations but make sure you remain active in the learning process. If someones doing a procedure you have never seen performed tag along. Communicate, ask questions, sometimes you have to force the educational process..


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Okay guys, I am done with preceptorship and I want to thank you for your advice. It was fun and I have learned a whole lot. I did skills that I have never done before. Now, I believe I am ready for the nursing world...Thanks again.