Doing favors or giving gifts for patients: Unacceptable?


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Janene Love

Janene Love

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I agree there should be a kindness in spirit to patients!

With that thought... I was totally trusting, only to find out. That after devotingly, being by my husbands side 24/7 after his stroke,  his amputation of his leg. Talking to Dr's, never leaving his side.  I suffered an exhaustion breakdown. Only to come back at the SNF. To learn from him and this CNA, were having sexual relations.

The facility, has an 'in-house' investigations. With paid under the table obudsman and sheriffs. (Obudsman, because of their role played, I thought obudsman worked for the nursing facility) ((later I discovered that obudsman are supposed to be the people/patients defender).

Long story short, I go in last Christmas Eve...only to find, their relationship is still going.

I find A private radio, turned to this mexican channel. And a cookie box, that holds the heart balloon  my daughter and I gave to my husband...cut up in a hundred pieces. In which my husband gives me for a Christmas present. 

So there you have it!

Giving the gift of health and recovery is vital!

And patient kindness is crucial!

However, boundaries must be followed.

And rule of thumb...

One cannot allow themselves to be a fool, where trusting so much a healthcare provider, can leave you used, skewed and abused!

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I was admitted c meningitis and had the classic worst-headache-I-ever-had-in-my-life. The night supervisor brought me a chocolate milkshake, a gesture of such kindness that I have never forgotten it.