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Published a time when mgmt or others have you doubting yourself, hating your job, feeling like a target is firmly on your back, questioning your skills/care...

...a patient (in my case, the parents of a neonate) tells you "You're really good at your job. You've made us feel really comfortable with our sick baby. So many of the other nurses were either indifferent, or made us feel WORSE! Is there someone we can give kudos to?"

It made my day, and I was happy to point out the door to my manager's office. I'm still almost to the point of leaving, but being re-affirmed by those that truly matter really is humbling and gratifying.

I got a thank you from a ED doc the day after a particularly hectic night

Bortaz, while I say "yes" it makes me feel great, I also know from firsthand experience that given the former set of circumstances you described, the latter means squat to the people who control your fate.

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I think this thread needs more discussion. Nurses need more feel good moments. Tell us some of yours.

Yes I agree, we need some more positive moments! :) Here are some of mine:

I had a patient on a tele floor who had mild MR, he found me in the hallway to give me a picture he colored. Then a few times for the rest of the shift he kept coming out of his room to make sure I still had the picture with me.

Another patient had a ton of questions over the 2 nights I had her. I spent a lot of time in her room... the following week, I found out my manager had been told she really appreciated me for answering all of her questions thoroughly.

I had a patient tell me once "wow, you guys do a lot of gross stuff... I don't think I could do that".

It's not much, but it's those little comments that really make your day!

I had a nun tell me that I was so gentle once. I was putting on / taking off her socks of her very swollen feet.

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My manager is great actually, so I can't relate there, but I know others that can. Anyway, also great when....

A trached patient holds out his/her hand for you to hold, and then smiles after you've talked with them, and turned them, opened their shade, so they can see the outside world as the sun starts to rise. :)

Or a patient or their family member thanking you for what you've done, saying you're a great nurse.

That is why we do what we do. Not for the recognition obviously, but making a difference.

Nice thread. What I'm writing below feels great for me especially since I HATE my job. I worked last weekend and Monday.

One of the orthopedic surgeons said that when I take care of his patients he gets a ton of compliments about me (I'm a float nurse and I don't like orthopedic nursing). Also the fact that every single time he looks at his post op patients I have the dressings looking perfect. I can't stand a messed up dirty dressing. He wants me to show the other nurses how to properly take care of his post op patients. I'm not going to but I took it as a compliment.

Another post op patient that I send home yesterday said that if he or any of his friends or relatives come back to this hospital that he wants me to take care of them.

I was covering for my lunch buddy and one of her patients called out for pain meds. I had this patient before and when I came into the room her mother ran over to me and gave me a hug and the patient did too. She wanted me as her nurse again and said that no other nurse took good care of her like I did.

I'm still leaving the bedside but it does feel good that even though I hate my job I can put aside my own personal feelings and take good care of people.

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