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Does University Matter for Nursing?


Hi all! I have applied to UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) and Ryerson for their BScN nursing programs. I would like to pursue a nursing job in a Toronto hospital and also pursue a Nurse Practitioner (Master's) degree later on.

Would choosing UOIT over Ryerson affect my chances of working in a Toronto hospital or pursuing an NP degree? Since I know UOIT is not as prestigious as Ryerson, would the university offering the NP degree look down on my application?

I think schools look for marks and reference letters more than the school you attended when they accept people for the NP program.

I'm still a student but I don't think the school will affect your chances of getting a job in Toronto because if you ask which schools nurses attended in the hospital, there is a variety. If you are able to do your consolidation term in a facility in Toronto, where you are able to build a good relationship, generally they will want to hire you.