Does each unit have a procedural manual


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I just finished my first week of hospital clinicals and I'm just trying to get an idea of how things work. I spent most of the time asking a million questions trying to figure everything out and I know that's part of learning, but I just wondered if there was an easier way for me to learn without taking up all of the RN's time. Does each unit in a hospital have a manual that explains how things are handled, policies and procedures about different things, etc? In my textbooks a lot of things say something like "learn your facility's policy about..."

If these do exist what are they called and where would I look for it?



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our hospital has all the manuals on the intranet it's under Policy and Procedures. Good luck

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ours has multiple long winded documents

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policy and procedure manual and they can either be online or located at the nursing station.

all units should also have a msds manual and ..crash cart!

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