Does Texas BON allow RN's to apply eyelashes?


I have been a RN for over 5 years and I cannot find anywhere on Texas BON website if we are covered applying eyelashes.

Even if we are not covered, would it be a problem applying if I received proper training?

Does anyone know?

I have the same question but in Florida... what did you find out?


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what do you mean applying eyelashes?

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It's odd that I know this...

I'm assuming that you're referring to eyelash extensions, correct? Because otherwise - just gluing on false eyelashes or applying mascara would be done by makeup artists.... but I digress.

In Texas, this is actually regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for Cosmetology. Doesn't even remotely have anything to do with our scope of practice, so your nursing license has no bearing at all. If you want to be paid for doing this, you have to go through the TDLR. Here is their Cosmetology site... I think it's pretty interesting; they regulate a lot of very specific services.