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Does this sound like a heavy course load?


I am starting my prequesties for Nursing in Summer 2017. The classes I am taking are as follows : English 101, Psychology 201, Sociology 101, & Beginning Algebra. Does this schedule seem okay? Just want to make sure I don't overwork myself that's all.

How long is the summer session? 4 weeks? 6 weeks?

10 weeks of summer term

As long as you stay on top of it and don't procrastinate, I think you'll be able to handle it.

Best of luck :)

I think you should be fine. BUT, expect for it to be a really busy summer. In my experience, the English, psychology and sociology classes each had a ton of papers due, but the material was easy. I am not really sure about algebra, because I did not have to take that class at a college level, but if youre descent in math, then you should be fine. Either way, good luck.

I've thought about taking sociology online and college algebra online as well, I just don't want to overwork myself as I said before. I have heard that sociology is a lot of reading.

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Sociology and Psy will probably have a lot of reading, even more if you are taking them online. I do think that in 10 weeks it will be a very busy summer but if you have the time to devote you should be fine.

I personally would not do it because I have very limited time in the evening after work and i know that I would not be able to devote the time.

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I am only taking one class online. My other classes are on Mondays & Wednesday each week for 10 weeks. My fall term is 7 weeks. I feel as though I would have more time to complete those classes instead of just 7 weeks. Thanks for input anyways. Take Care.

This summer, I'm taking 3 courses. Mine are only 6 weeks, I do believe. I decided to take easier courses this summer, then this Fall I'll do my A&P2 and my last math course before going into spring 2018 program.

If you tend to be good in English that should be cake work, along with psy. It really just depends on how you apply yourself, and if it ever feel like its too much.....like you cannot bare it..and you know your grades aren't were they could be because you took too many...just drop one and do it in the Fall.

Best of luck to you, believe in yourself.

Thank you very much :) English is not my best subject but I made sure I signed up for a very good teacher. If I get into the classes and one of them isn't going as planned I will be sure to drop it and take it in the Fall.

all of those classes are fairly, but i am not sure what beginning algebra is. I took college algebra and there was TON of hw. that would be the only class that is challenging for summer.

My advisor recommended I take 2-3 classes instead of four all together. So I will just stick with English 101, Psychology, and Sociology for Summer 2017. I don't want to overwork myself to much. Thank you again for all of your advice.