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Hi...I am a RN in a LTC facility. I have worked there for 10 yrs now. Many of my co nurses have also been there this long, some even longer. We live in a small community and do enjoy working here. We want to take care of our community people. The problem we are facing is the lack of recognition we get. We had a meeting today and were told that we will now be taking turns being "on call" d/t the fact that we have a nurse or two who like to call in and our DON and nurse manager are tired of covering their shifts. Instead of correcting the problem, this is what they came up with. We have to be on call Fri thru Sun and holidays. Does anyone else do this?? They compared it to being on call like a hospital, but that is completely different. Also, we are always given the comment that we are always "replaceable"!! And might I mention that our CNA problems are out of control. Many of them will do the no call no show thing. When we bring this up with management, nothing gets done!! Do other nursing homes face these same problems too? Just want to get a feel for is going on.

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The nurse managers and charge nurses are all part of the on call rotation. We try to fill all the spots but if someone calls out at the last minute the on call nurse goes in.I'm on call 24/7 and have not had a weekend in the last three years without some sort of call. The other department heads are in the manage on duty rotation which means we go in to the building on one of the weekend days...sometimes both days. I've had to work the last 9 days in a row and have 2 more days to go before I have a day off. I am salaried so I am not compensated for any over time.So, yes, I think it's fair that everyone takes a turn.The CNA callouts....that's a whole different story.

While it's fair that everyone takes a turn (including management), it's also fair to be compensated for the extra time you're being essentially forced to work against your will.

I agree somewhat with Capecod BUT..if it is the same nurses that are calling off and making the problems...that needs to be dealt with according to the P and P and progressivly. Why does the rest of the staff have to deal with the problems of just 1 or 2? Now...if it is a staff wide problem..yes..on call rotation with pay of course.

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