Does this really get reported negatively on your record at the ltc headquarters


I got out of Cna school may 27th well I had a job at the local nursing home on the 2nd of June. I was hired as a na (nursing assistant) not a Cna well on all my stuff said Cna I found that odd. Well come to find out in my state you can't be a na and work in the nursing homes and that they put the c in front to cover themselves. I worked there 10 days all these days we had maybe 4 Cna's in 175+ resident facility. As a na I couldn't be alone with residents so I floated every where and almost every night I almost fainted because they were so understaffed I wasn't able to take breaks for anything. Well I gave in last night when there was only 2 Cna's and me and 3 nurses (only 2 have to be there) so 1 could have helped us. Now I am hearing this will go on my record at the ltc I don't have a testing date. I am going to try home health. But will this job look negitive while job searching? If I go somewhere can they pull it up without me telling them? I know quitting or getting fired isn't smiled upon but everyone quits at some point.I will aslo be making a complaint with the ltc with the care these people received ex not using lifts trying to carry them almost dropping not wiping them after a bm and not changing there beds at all resulting them to lay in there own urine.


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First of all find out what the rules are in your state about working without being certified. In my state, CA, a nursing assistant can work for four months before they are required to be certified. If that is the case in your state, nothing was wrong about the situation. Did you resign or did you walk off the job? If you resigned, you are ok, but they do not have to say anything good about your job performance or reliability. If you walked off the job, expect them to say the worst about you. That is patient abandonment if you had accepted your assignment before leaving. I would not waste any time turning them in for anything. All you would accomplish is to associate 'troublemaker' with your name, and then you won't be able to work anywhere.


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People claim to care for residents if they did they would stand up for them and not be called a trouble maker

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Caliotter has been in nursing a lot longer than you... she was just telling you how things are. It's doesn't mean she condones them.


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That is like 43 residents apiece that has to be illegal. These nursing homes fool around with the hours and get away with it. The residents are not getting the proper care. I work in Florida and it's the same thing here. they are working us to the bone. Plus the pay stinks.


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Home health in my area welcomes new CNA's. I would list the job (you cant lie on application) and tell them LTC in that facility was not a good fit for you. don't say anything bad about that LTC, it will make u look bad to employers.

It doesnt sound like there's anything that can be reported unless you abandoned a patient.

Reporting them after the fact doesnt look good.

Remember, we are mandated reporters and must report immediately!

You will probably love home care.

Good luck.