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Does Pearson Vue trick still work?


I am in Cali. Took NCLEX on 4/16. Tried the PVT, got the good pop up. My name has yet to appear on the BRN website!!! How long does it take???!! Does the PVT still work?

worked for me, im from cali also.

What did it look like? I am now reading that there is a 'new' pop up that states that you passed. I got the old one!!!!

really? mine was the pop up that said i couldnt register and had to contact a board member. well as long as it doesnt let you thru cc page then you should be alright

Yes, that is the one that i got. I started to freak out when i read something about there being a new pop up that states something like...this student has passed and cannot reschedule. Anyway, I guess as long as I dont get the CC page I should be happy for now. Thank you!

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It can take several weeks. Just be patient. You can also call the BRN and make sure they have received all your paperwork. I've read several posts about people who have had results delayed because the BRN doesn't have school transcripts or something similar.

yea my friend who passed, took her nclex months before me got that pop up and when she told me to check it, told her mine said different. got me all worried too but it works, really does. all my classmates who took it and tried the trick passed with a good pop up.

Ok..feel a bit better. Thanks.