Does it matter which college I get my masters (FNP) and nursing doctorate from?

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From what I've read it doesn't really matter what college you go to in order to become an RN as long as they have a high N-CLEX pass rate, but what about graduate degrees in nursing?

My GPA is 3.650 so I could probably get into a pretty good college, but there is this college nearby where I live which accepts a 2.8 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) for master's and a 3.0 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) for doctoral programs. At the same time this college has an over 90% n-clex pass rate. I'm going to get my RN certificate and associates from my community college and then enter a an RN to BSN bridge program.

I was planning to go to ODU to get my BSN ,master's and doctorate to be more specific.

Basically to sum it up I want to know if it matters which college someone goes to for their master's and doctorate in nursing.

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In general, I don't really think it matters. In most places, what is most important is that you pass your boards and can practice safely and effectively. I chose my school for my BSN and my MSN because they are inexpensive, local, have small class sizes with good professors who are interested in me and my progress, and have great pass rates. :)


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While it matters v. little in clinical practice, it makes a difference in academia. If you have any idea of ending up in academia, it is probably worth going to the best schools you can afford/get into.


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I strongly doubt I'll go into academia... the closest thing to academia I could ever see myself doing is teaching at a rural nursing school that nobody else is willing to work at or something along that line.

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If you do go for a name, vet the school CAREFULLY. I went to a name an they treated the students like, well it's a bodily process.

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