Does malpractice insurance help you with contact with the BON or just in court?


Because I have a sticky personal situation going on in which I fear that false accusations might be made against me to make my life hard. I'm thinking now is a better time than most to get . Is this something that can help me?

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This would be a better question to pose to an insurance agent. Read your policy carefully. Sometimes they will help with both.

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If you purchase a policy now it may not cover an incident that happened before the time the policy was purchased. I do not know if helps you with incidents that go to the board.


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Can you get to them before something happens? Know any bad guys? :D

Where's Guido when you need him?

Seriously, insurance may not cover for a situation that already went down. Speak to a liar about it (preferably a nurse lawyer).

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my policy covers reviews with BON, but none will cover after the fact.

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Exactly correct. Insurance covers you in the now and after-wards (as long as you keep a current policy). You cannot "back date" the policy.

Many policies will cover you in regards to (not all inclusive):

  • libel
  • slander
  • charges of confidentiality violation
  • assault on the job