Does It Help To Be Cna


I Was Wondering If While Im Waiting To Get Into Program If Taking A Private Cna Course And Hopefully Working As A Cna B4 A Possible Interview For Program If It Would Boost Up My Chances Of Being Choosen Into Program? What Do You Think? Thanks

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It didn't at my school, just gpa and entrance exam, but some do require a CNA first. I always suggest meeting with the director of the nursing program to get pointers before you even apply. Good luck.

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I don't believe that it will help you get accepted to your school of choice. Nursing schools now are looking at GPAs mostly among a few other things.

However, if you have the extra money for a CNA certification course, I'd say go for it! Working as a CNA would definitely help you once you enter into nursing school and once you have your first clinical. You'll will feel much more relaxed in the clinical setting, and you'll be able to prioritize and organize a lot easier.

Don't worry if you decide against it. You won't be the only one in nursing school with no experience. However, you probably won't be able to get a student nurse job until you've completed at least two clinical rotations with one being in Med-Surg.

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