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Does HCA pay for tuition if you agree to work for them for a certain amount of time ?


I work for HCA, how do I go about getting this benefit? I'm a few classes shy of being able to apply to RN school and would definitely sign something to work for HCA after obtaining it. Do you know who I should call and what to ask for? Thanks so much in advance

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you need to talk to your HR people.

HCA helped me pay for some of my college courses in exchange for good grades. the way it worked for me was that i took one course and bought in my transcipts of a C or better. then i signed up for my courses and paid for them and bought a copy of that to HR. they paid me back for all but one credit per course, which was pretty cool. no contracts, just had to make a C or better.

good luck!


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I'm not sure how it works if you already work for them, so I would definitely check with HR first.

I know at my school, after the first semester of nursing school is over you can meet with the scholarship coordinators and then apply for one of the different nursing scholarship programs available. Your school should have some info on the scholarships available to students at your school somewhere. My school says HCA will pay up to $6,000 for tuition (which is what it costs at my school for the nursing program) with a 2 year commitment to work for them after graduation. I've heard that if you decide to break the agreement, you have to pay it back at an interest rate way less than the going rate for student loans. I don't know if this is true with every school, however.

I work for HCA also. They do have tuition reimbursment. The school I am trying to go to actually have a 25% discount because I work for the hospital I work for. Which is GREAT! But you get the forms from your HR department.

i know this is a bit of an old post but i thought i would reply for those who may be interested in the future. i currently work for hca and have for 2 years. i am enrolling at spc for jan 2010 to begin prereq’s and supporting classes. there are many stipulations and you should read over very carefully.

6 months - 2 years of service $3000 (full time employees) $1000 (part time employees)

2+ years $5250 (full time employees) $2600 (part time employees)

this is per year not per semester!

you must return 6 months of service for every semester reimbursed. if you separate your self from the company or reduce your service from full to part time during any given 6 month period, you must return the payment. i.e. if you 2+ year employee and are reimbursed for full time and drop to part time you must return up to $2250 per semester.

something i learned just today. it is understood that if you work part time or prn at a facility that is part of hca, they will also kick in a portion towards tuition if you agree to work for them and they will let you work either part time or prn while in school. i have chosen the specific hospital i would like to work at and it is like 2 birds with one stone. pay back hca in increments of time while also paying the hospital in increments of time...at the same time! i am sure there is some sort of catch lol!

as for those who do not already work at hca, the best advice is to contact someone in hr at that hospital and move from there. there is a huge nursing shortage and our hospitals are always looking for quality staff! good luck!

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