Does the college you graduate from matter??


I've been accepted to Villanova and Westchester University's Express BSN (I have a BS already)...Villanova costs a lot more but has a name for itself and a high pass rate making me lean that way...but the cost is prohibitive...any comments from anyone on whether the school you graduate from opens doors or is it an RN is a RN...

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For the most part, an RN is an RN. As long as you can pass the NCLEX, and as long as the school is accredited, it doesn't matter if it's Harvard, or Podunk University. :)

Some people might get into the argument of ADN and BSN, but this is not the same argument. BSN is a BSN... ADN is an ADN. both EQUAL RN.

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I would agree with the above poster. As long as you get your license and pass your exam, and the school IS accredited, there should be no discrimination between schools. I have a question for you though actually. I have been trying to find information on West Chesters accelerated BSN myself and havent been able to get responses from my previous threads. How much is their tuition? Also, how competitive is their program, as in how many students apply vs how many they accept? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

I lived and worked in Philly for several years. Villanova vs West Chester is a good question. It actually boils down to your long term goals. If you plan to live in the area and you want to climb the nursing corporate ladder then Villanova is a great choice. If you just want to practice nursing then West Chester is a great choice. If I had it all over to do again I would go the Villanova route. It is the networking that is important. Once you graduate you can rely on that group of graduates to help you gain admission to facilities and positions that are unknown and unadvertised. Overall though it is going to be your drive and persistence that determines how high you rise. Good luck!


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Great advise from all...Leftylou, not sure how to email you directly but, West Chester is pretty competitive because it is a state school therefore affordable...approximately $15,000 for the program (compared to Drexel, Villanova at $30,000, though both these programs get you out 5 months sooner...meaning you're working sooner). Go on line to the Nursing department and request info for the should answer most your questions. Be aware that they have strict guidelines about when applications must be in and what courses you must have


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Save your money.

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Thank you malaysmith for the reply. Ive looked through their website thoroughly and I know all the info for the prereqs and the deadlines. If I request information does it say how many students they accept? Im concerned about this because I was only planning on applying to 2 programs (desales and west chester) and if the chances of getting in to either are very slim, well then I might need to broaden my application pool. Do you know how many students are the in the class?


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I would say save your money and go to the cheaper school. The most important thing is the program itself and not which school it is. What are you going to be learning? What kinds of clinicals are you going to be having and where they have those clinicals? Any other projects/ volunteer opportunies? Any career placement/ networking help? If they are both similar in all aspects go with the cheaper one and save money. Paying for all of your books, background checks, supplies, tests, etc are expensive enough so you might as well save yourself on tuition if you can.

Good Luck!

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