Does anyone do this?

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Find myself worrying about the residents at my ALF all the time. Worry about the new meds that a doctor ordered and the effects and if they were setup correctly. For example Zoloft was stopped new antidepressant started. Called pharmacist if OK. They had me remove the zoloft from mediset. Worried about withdrawal.

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I used to worry about the residents all the time when I first became a nurse, but I've been able to turn it off as the years pass. I've found that it is bad for my personal health to be worried all the time.

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Any advise on how to turn it off? I am also in menopause, I think that has alot to do with my anxiety.

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You must be a newbie! Just FYI - you'll never turn it off permanently! But it will tune down almost imperceptably. I freq drove home replaying the shift - but it stopped. And I've been doing nsg since the dinosaurs roamed. And every now & then, I would wake up remembering something. So I just called and apologized - I tried to speak with someone who's on my side; and because we all do it, we all understood each other. As you become more experienced, you'll gain confidence and it gets better! Honest! Just trust yourself.

As for menopause, mine was very easy so I can't offer much help altho I found caffeine was no longer my friend.

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