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An article awhile back appearing in one of the nursing magazines that stated one should NEVER give a hypotonic IV solution (such as 1/2 NS or D5W) to a premenopausal woman; can cause brain swelling, irreversible brain damage and death. I have a friend who is working nightshift in a small rural hospital. The ER doc is ordering IV 1/2 NS or D5W on EVERY patient he admits to the hospital through the ER at night (even diabetics) and won't budge!!!


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I do remember something in NURSING maybe 2000(?) or 2001. Did your friend say if the doctor is the only one on staff ordering this way?


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Yes I remember that article, too I seem to remember reading it in my first or 2nd year after nursing school, when we were using D5LR as a base solution for laboring patients. Well, NOW we never do that where I work to laboring/pregnant or young women unless some special condition exists that warrants it. I remember the article well. It CAN be dangerous and even some of our docs were unaware til a couple of us nurses brought up our concerns and we changed our solutions from D5LR to straight LR or NS. You don't want to bolus D5LR to as a rule anyhow. And in OB, IV bolusing is often employed for a number of reasons. And if that's what is hanging up there, you might if you are not careful. It was a very informative article that stuck with me.

Another was the one about IV's and permanent Nerve damage caused by poor placement. I knew that could happen but was unaware how OFTEN it DOES! It is very scary. I am not a med-surg nurse but have always read RN and Nursing because their informative articles have kept my attention on things that apply everywhere in nursing, including OB.;)

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