Does anyone know?


Hello everyone, I have an unusual question. I am currently enrolled in a online RN program, but my question is..... Does anyone know which state lets students sit in for their LPN license if they have completed atleast 2 or 3 semesters. I did hear NJ and NY use to. Im just really trying to make some extra money to be able to pay for my tuition. Its just really hard for me financially. I heard from a nurse that they do it but she doesnt know which states anymore. Please HELP!!!!!!

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Arizona will if you have completed certain classes and if your school will sponsor to sit for the boards.

P.S. Pretty sure it has to be an AZ approved program in the first place.


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Good question, I have a friend that failed-out of 3rd Semester of RN program, would have been in 4th Sem ( Final Semester) this Fall 2010, the school is in Texas. Where could info for her to be able to sit for the NCLEX-PN, I'm currently a LVN, and in my last semester in a RN program, I knew someone that actually sat for the NCLEX-PN during RN school, just can't get in touch with her. I really want to help my friend, because she really wants to work while awaiting a re-admit slot for the RN program.


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Best to call the Board(s) of the states where one is interested in obtaining the license. You also need to consider that the nursing school makes the final determination on whether your application will be supported or not.


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Ur right, unfortunately the Texas BON, does not allow this to happen. Thanks