Does anyone know what the Humber College Lab looks like?


i've started the rpn program at humber college and am so excited to do the labs. i was wondering if anyone knows what the labs look like. i am just finishing up my psw at fanshawe college and the labs there were amazing. it was like a state of the art hospital...does anyone know if humber's lab is similar? i am so excited to start that part of my schooling (i am a total hands on learner!) and am so curious to know what it looks like!!!

i am doing the rpn part-time outside of toronto so i haven't had an opprotunity to go for a tour....

thanks...hopefully i get a response!!!



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Hi StudentNurse75! I am a fellow RPN student at Humber College and am glad to find you on this board. I am doing the program part-time at the North Campus. Yes I've seen the lab and it is very cool and high tech - you will enjoy it! Just to let you know there is a Canadian forum on this board where you can post questions related to Canadian nursing.


Wow...that's great that there is a fellow Humber nursing student on here and a part-time one at that!! How do you like the program? I just started two weeks ago and love that I only have to focus on two classes at a time. Leaves more time for my kids! Thanks for replying about the labs...I can hardly wait til the spring...We will be spending five saturdays between now and December in the biology lab which is pretty cool too! Where is the nursing lab located in the campus?

I didn't post this topic in Canadian forum because I had already posted it twice're the only response I got though!! Thanks again....

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