Does anyone have a great way of memorizing head to toe assessment

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I have a sign off next week where we have to be video taped doing a head to toe assessment of our partner. We then critique the video ourselves and our lab instructor also grades us on it. I seem to have trouble leaving out the little things (puffing out cheeks, squinting eyes, etc.) Does anyone have any easy memorizational skills???




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Good question - I would like to see the answer to this myself!

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When you record the video have cheat sheets posted in your line of site but out of view of the camera. Then there shouldn't be a reason for forgetting anything!


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The only thing that worked for me was to do the head to toe over and over again. I know that you are probably doing that already, but it is honestly the only thing that worked for me. We also had a sheet to record everything on in the order it was done so I also made a bunch of copies of that and filled it in with the possible outcomes I could see. I did them over and over too, this really helped me.

Best of luck!


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Well the idea of posting cheat sheets is out of the question b/c Our lab instructor must video tape us in the lab!!!!!! I have been practicing like crazy, but I think I am getting myself too hyped up for it.


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Are you guys allowed to use study tips? We were allowed notes so some of us took a mini spiral bound index card notebook. Then I used pictures of heart and lung sound points. And just went head to toe with it. That way I could flip along if need be.

Another suggestion, practice the head to toe in your head and practice on family members, friends, etc.

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