Does anyone else buy their books on line?


I usually try and buy my books on-line but usually only have two weeks to do so (year round school). I recently bought a 156 books (bookstore price) for 87 but it didn't come with the CD that is required for school, and now I'm screwed! Anyone else had bad experiences? Does it usually end up working out better to buy them at the book store?


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the books that I bought on eBay arrived in excellent condition and with the CDs

I always ask the seller first - what is the condition of the book?, does it come with the CD? things like that

Maybe you could contact the seller and ask if they still have the CD and please send it to you, or ask for a refund (then you would have to send the book back).

I suppose you could try to sell the one you have received and find another.

Or ask if anyone has the CD to sell?

Or borrow the book with CD from your school library (I find that those books have the CD package usually unopened - looks like nobody used the CD)


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I buy all my books used cause I'm poor. Using CDs in our school is optional, and I hardly use them, so that's not a problem for me. I would always ask the seller if CDs are included before I purchase them. And, ask several sellers at one time so that it saves you time. You know how some of them take their time to reply you.

Btw, I use to purchase my books as they list out all the price comparisons from ebay, amazon, etc.

Good luck!


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Thanks, I asked if it came with the CD but I didn't realize there were actually two. One in the back of the book, and one with videos that was considered and "Extra" in a package. So it was my fault for not researching well enough. Thanks for the tips, I'm always looking for new websites to buy books from. Usually works but I've used too. My local library doesnt carry any major nursing texts :-/ and my school library doesnt have the CD on reserve, I already asked my professor. I'm hoping to just use a friends when we have an assignment with it!


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interlibrary loan?

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I always buy mine online--I get the ISBN numbers from the office and order them through Barnes and Noble, so I can use my membership card and get even more of a discount :)

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So far I have bought almost all my books online. There were exceptions when I had absolutely no time and paying for fast delivery was coming up to the same cost as in college book store.

Always note the ISBN # and to be 100% sure note the title and author name.

I bought books on Amazon, ebay,, Abebooks, Barnes and Noble. So far had no problem what so ever. As someone pointed, make sure everything that you need is there before you commit.

Also, check the required books ahead of time. Usually while one semester is ending I check out books for the next.

It is a good idea to check with the instructor, if they are likely to change the edition. By doing this you will have ample time to order books without having to pay extra for fast shipping.

Good luck and hope you too will have a good experience buying online.


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Bought all but just a few (maybe 2-4) online. Never been disappointed with what i get, because I know about what I am getting. Best deal yet was a $180 book for $6 with shipping and handling (one edition older and dog eared pgs, but never used the book for anything else but studying).

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